Grandpa Mario, a farmer born in Cortandone in 1920, decides to move to Turin with his wife and son, in search of a different life.


Alberto, Mario’s nephew, comes to life. He spends the best moments of his childhood in Cortandone with the grandparents who travel to the countryside on weekends in order to keep working some fields and the family vineyard. Alberto immediately falls in love with the farm life.


Alberto spends his 12th grade of high-school in a tiny agricultural town of the Mid-West, in the United States. This experience helps his passion for farming grow stronger. He also follows a theatre class and participates to a tour of California… The beautiful Golden State and acting capture him!


Alberto meets Linda. It’s love at first sight!


Alberto graduates in Communication Science and moves to Los Angeles in order to study acting. He finds a job there as the maitre at Il Cielo Italian restaurant in Beverly Hills finding, after agriculture and acting, a third professional passion:  Tourism Welcoming.


Alberto and Linda get married! And they decide to move to Cortandone. They share the dream of living in a Farm and start populate their home with farm animals…


Sofia is born.


Edoardo is born.
Sofia ed Edoardo coming to life gave Alberto and Linda the courage to change lifestyle in search of the best scenario in which growing together as a family.


52 after Grandpa Mario closed the Brosio’s family farm, Alberto brings back to life OFFICINA CONTADINA. Alberto and Linda gradually quit their jobs and officially become a Farm.


OFFICINA CONTADINA gets recognized as a National Educational Farm.


Past and Present meet: Alberto and Linda create, together with the historic Italian De Agostini Group, an Educational Farm TV show named “La Fattoria di Orlando”, airing on SKY, channel 623, with the whole Brosio family starring in it. This is also the year of the Opening of our little familiar AGRITURISMO, counting 3 bedrooms and a dining room for the meals… Agriculture, Acting and Tourism Welcoming got all 3 married together giving life to the latest version of our OFFICINA CONTADINA… a Farm full of Passion!!

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