This page is dedicated to special people who stopped by the OFFICINA CONTADINA, leaving behind a deep mark time won’t erase. Their presence here has been fundamental in order to overcome difficult moments, to gain consciousness of our strengths, to grow up. OFFICINA CONTADINA would not exist without them. Our Farm will always be their home, we love and thank them deeply!

Arthur & Julia

In the Summer of 2015 we decided to join the w.w.o.o.f., an organization connecting farms with people willing to travel the World offering agricultural help in exchange of board and lodging. Husband and wife from Rio de Janeiro came to spend a couple of weeks at the OFFICINA CONTADINA. They left 6 months later. Arthur & Julia are not just friends, they’re Family! To give you a better idea about Arthur & Julia… ever seen the Disney masterpiece “Mary Poppins”? If so, let’s just say we had the privilege to host Mary Poppins and Bert the chimney-sweep under our roof…


He has the gift of helping people. Luckily for us… OFFICINA CONTADINA was on his path. An angel.


A rigid master of the business management who let us re-discover the bulky content of a forgotten pocket…

Fabrizio, Marinella, Raffaella, Federico e Monica, Stefano e Melina

Always ready, always in the front row, supporting our initiatives and, mostly, our spirit thanks to their infinite friendship!

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